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Karzan Hisham (Kurdish: کارزان هیشام; born December 8th 1996) is a Iraqi-Kurdish internet celebrity.
Having begun his career with vlogging, he then became the founder and owner of Karzan Clothing Show and Astra Real Estate. He has a social media presence that includes 340 thousand subscribers on YouTube and around 500 thousand followers on Instagram.
(Full name : Karzan Hisham Ali)

Personal life :
Karzan Hisham was born in 1996 in Duhok, Kurdistan (North of Iraq). He was raised there, too. He grew up in a big family with 4 brothers and a sister. Before making YouTube his full time career he went to University of Duhok where he got a bachelors degree in Mathematics.

Career :
Karzan has mentioned on his social media platforms several times that he never planned on becoming a full time youtuber, he explains that he uploaded his first few videos with the intention of keeping them as memories. But in a small city like Duhok the videos spread around pretty quick. Karzan received hundreds of supportive comments pushing him to create more videos. This is where he started to put more thought and effort in to his videos knowing that kids, teenagers and even parents were looking forward to his next videos.

In 2020 he starred in Haval Ibrahims music video which he also directed.
Being consistent he could grab the attention of a wide audience and now he has more than 310 thousand subscribers and has more than 92 Million views on YouTube.

In addition, Karzan has also become a Snap star
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